Liberty Theater

Mack Books, September 2018
Stephen Bulger Gallery, September 15—October 14, 2018

In September, MACK Books will release Liberty Theater, a book of Rosalind Fox Solomon’s images of the American South made in the closing decades of the 20th Century. The book will feature more than 60 photographs, selected from a larger body of work that is far-ranging in both its physical and psychic geography.

Never before published as a group, Solomon’s images of the South trace a complex social and emotional inheritance—a world of class and gender divisions, implied and overt racism, competing notions of liberty, and lurking violence. But they also reveal a world marked by paradox, idiosyncrasy, and theatrical display: a Daughter of the Confederacy in costume with a doll from her collection; African American boys examining a vitrine of guns as two white police manikins loom behind them. Poised between act and reenactment, animate and inanimate, these images reveal how history becomes a vernacular performance and identity a form of self-fashioning.

Rosalind Fox SolomonLiberty Theater will be exhibited at Stephen Bulger Gallery, September 15—October 14, 2018.