Got To Go, Bruce Silverstein, Solo Exhibition & Book Launch

Rosalind Fox Solomon’s fourth solo exhibition at Bruce Silverstein Gallery will be accompanied by the release of the artist's monograph, Got to Go, published by MACK.

The exhibition will include 27 pictures of varied sizes, as well as an audio-visual installation including approximately 40 images. The sound component includes excerpts from Jason Eckardt’s piece, Tongues, performed by Tony Arnold, soprano, and the International Contemporary Ensemble live at Roulette; a funeral chant; and Fox Solomon’s audio texts. 

Portraits in the Time of AIDS, Paris Photo, Salon d'Honneur

Book signing: Thursday, November 12th, 2015, at 4:00pm

Thu, Nov 12, 2015 12:00pm - Sun, Nov 15, 2015 7:00pm

Thu, Nov 12, 2015 12:00pm - Sun, Nov 15, 2015 7:00pm

Bruce Silverstein Gallery, representing Rosalind Fox Solomon, is among over 143 leading galleries from 33 countries that will be featured this year at the Grand Palais, presenting both historical and contemporary works. Joining them are 26 publishers and specialized art book dealers providing a complete panorama of the photographic medium.

Solomon's monumental and controversial project, Portraits in the Time of AIDS, displayed at NYU's Grey Art Gallery in 1988, will be featured in a special exhibition at Paris Photo 2015 in the Salon d'Honneur, a space designed to showcase culturally important and historically significant series in their entirety that benefit from a curated exhibition space in the prestigious Grand Palais.

Paris Photo 2015 will take place at the Grand Palais from November 12th through 15th.