Sound & Motion

Lucie Award Achievement in Portraiture

Tribute video for 2016 Lucie Awards Honoree Rosalind Fox Solomon for the Achievement in Portraiture. Presented at Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City, Sunday October 23rd 2016.


Excerpt: 0:25
Short: 9:57

A three channel projection installation with sound, exhibited at Rosalind Fox Solomon: Got to Go, February 25 - April 16, 2016, Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York.

Them: Excerpts from a Performance

Short: 4:23

Punctuating images are fragments of text – amusing and frightening background conversations, recorded in Solomon’s journal; revealing the humanity of each person photographed, a window onto lives conditioned by violence & uncertainty.


As performed September 9, 2014.

A Woman I Once Knew

Trailer: 1:34, Short: 8:30

The crash came —
torture, guilt, monitors, security cameras. 

A crone faces her mortality.

Awarded Best Short Experimental Film, New York International Film and Video Festival, 2010


Short: 7:39

An interview
with Rosalind Solomon about her installation, Adios, & what inspired it.

A Film by Natasha O'Connor, 2008

To Highlands

Trailer: 1:38, Short: 9:20

An earthquake-damaged area becomes a metaphor.

Don’t Eat My Centerpiece

Graphic teaser for installation: 5:00

The artist impersonates her mother.

A three-monitor installation in a dark room,
exhibited at Bruce Silverstein Gallery in 2010.

Indian Love Rites

Songs and sounds recorded by Rosalind Solomon

A response
to the excitement and complexity of sounds and music during two ritual celebrations,
Durga Puja & Kali Puja,
as witnessed in
Calcutta, India.


Songs and music recorded by Rosalind Solomon

The songs & soundS— children running in the plaza, a carnival street band, singing in the village church— reflect a way of life that reaffirms physical struggle, calamity & survival.