Sound & Motion


Excerpt: 0:25
Short: 9:57

A three channel projection installation with sound, exhibited at Rosalind Fox Solomon: Got to Go, February 25 - April 16, 2016, Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York.

Them: Excerpts from a Performance

Short: 4:23

Punctuating images are fragments of text – amusing and frightening background conversations, recorded in Solomon’s journal; revealing the humanity of each person photographed, a window onto lives conditioned by violence & uncertainty.


As performed September 9, 2014.

A Woman I Once Knew

Trailer: 1:34, Short: 8:30

The crash came —
torture, guilt, monitors, security cameras. 

A crone faces her mortality.

Awarded Best Short Experimental Film, New York International Film and Video Festival, 2010


Short: 7:39

An interview
with Rosalind Solomon about her installation, Adios, & what inspired it.

A Film by Natasha O'Connor, 2008

To Highlands

Trailer: 1:38, Short: 9:20

An earthquake-damaged area becomes a metaphor.

Don’t Eat My Centerpiece

Graphic teaser for installation: 5:00

The artist impersonates her mother.

A three-monitor installation in a dark room,
exhibited at Bruce Silverstein Gallery in 2010.

Indian Love Rites

Songs and sounds recorded by Rosalind Solomon

A response
to the excitement and complexity of sounds and music during two ritual celebrations,
Durga Puja & Kali Puja,
as witnessed in
Calcutta, India.


Songs and music recorded by Rosalind Solomon

The songs & soundS— children running in the plaza, a carnival street band, singing in the village church— reflect a way of life that reaffirms physical struggle, calamity & survival.