Picturing MoMA: Rosalind Fox Solomon

A behind-the-scenes look at MoMA's journey to reopening

Channeling her curiosity, she ventured through the hidden hallways, warehouses, and labs that help MoMA run to tell a story about a pivotal moment in the institution’s history. New images will be published biweekly.


Rosalind Fox Solomon’s photographs are both about self-transformation and discovery; and a testament to some of the most important moments in history. She began to use photographs to explore the world around her, in Jim Crow South and Washington D.C. Internationally, her work has varied from documentation of shamanistic rituals in Latin America, to the struggles facing people in the West Bank. One of her most iconic works is about the lives of people living with AIDS at the height of the crisis in the 1980’s. Her work has shown at the Museum of Modern Art and around the world and she’s being honored by the ICP for her unwavering commitment to her art. This film was produced by MediaStorm made possible with the generous support of Harbers Studios.